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Monthly Archives: March 2020

    Home Closing Checklist for Sellers

    By Erin Romanski | March 4, 2020

    When you finalize with a buyer on your home or vacate it to move, you’ll need to ensure you have completed everything you are supposed to—from negotiated terms to good seller etiquette. There are certain things that every responsible seller should do, and you can make sure you accomplish them all if you make a... Read More

    Sellers Market vs Buyers Market

    By Erin Romanski | March 4, 2020

    SELLERS MARKET VS BUYERS MARKET Demand for housing is high, but supply is extremely low. NAR also just reported that nationally the actual number of homes currently for sale stands at 1.42 million, which is one of the lowest totals in almost three decades. What does this mean for buyers and sellers? Buyers need to remain patient in the... Read More