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Greater Lafayette Food Series: Pizza


Mama Mia! It’s a pizzeria!

Welcome to another strong area of Greater Lafayette, IN cuisine choices. Honestly, if pizza is your thing, you will find what you’re looking for among this selection. Traditional or gourmet topping selection? Thin crust? Stuffed crust? Cauliflower or gluten and dairy free options? Explore each of these local gems for some of the best pizza you’ve had in your life- no joke. Also, note that National Pizza Day is February 9th, 2021.


Bruno’s Pizza and Big O’s Sports Room

The name delivers quite an introduction, and it’s an accurate one as well. Bruno’s Pizza sits as one of the best pizza places in Greater Lafayette, IN for good reason. It’s known around the community as a local favorite. Pizza hits here different than anywhere else. Toppings pile high, the atmosphere is perfect for watching the current big 10 game, and have you tried the Bruno dough or the dessert pizzas yet? Trust us here. You’ll love coming to hang out- and staying for a while.


Arni’s Pizza

Famous around the world for Axl Rose’s shipment in to his shows, Arni’s deliciousness doesn’t really need the promotion. This throwback Greater Lafayette, IN staple is known and loved by many locals. There’s even a little bit of a debate between Arni’s and Pizza King with many of them! Don’t worry, it’s just a friendly hometown rivalry. The interior is bright and inviting for all walks of life. Bring your family, you’ll be right at home here. The pizza here is known for the crafty way the topping are on the pizza. They’re small, diced and minced meats and veggies, and we’re all about it. While you’re here, go ahead and try the Gut Buster sandwich or an Arni’s Jr salad. You can thank us later.


Pizza King

We can’t mention one without the other! As stated, the friendly hometown rivalry is for good reason- both pizza joints are delicious. You’re just gonna have to try them both out and decide for yourself which is the best! Pizza King also presents a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for friends and families alike. Some locations even have a train that deliver your drink right to your table. How fun is that?! The pizza style similarly to Arni’s focuses on small, diced toppings and a crispy, perfect crust! Get on over to try Pizza King today!


Azzip Pizza

This one’s unique for a couple of reason. First off, it’s solely a build-you-own pizza creation. It’s fast casual, giving you many selections to choose from that are crazy awesome and unique flavor combinations. Each month, Azzip presents a new one even- BBQ pizza, Greek and Mediterranean Pizza, and so many more! These creations are so fun and each one is fresh. Click here to see more about the menu and revolving pizza options. Second, the owner and creator of this business graduated from Purdue University and won a business proposal award to actually start this business! Now, this Lafayette, IN location is 1 of 4 throughout Indiana, and it only continues to grow! Talk about 100% return on an investment, Purdue!


We could seriously be here all night discussing the local Greater Lafayette, IN pizza options. There are SO. MANY. MORE. and they’re all delicious and special in their own way. Here’s a little list for you to add to you, “try one of these days” folder.

Additionally, Greater Lafayette, IN has its fair share of your go-to chain pizza joints such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, and more. Click here for a quick Google search on all things pizza in our area to find which one you want for dinner tonight!


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