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Greater Lafayette Holiday Party Planning

Greater Lafayette, Indiana prides itself on the beautiful business done here. We are a haven for small businesses and major manufacturing companies alike, and all the industry keeps our economy afloat in a big way. Through the years, many of the Greater Lafayette industry has seen the benefit in boosting morale and encouraging their employees by hosting company-wide events, such as holiday parties. Possibly, after a couple years of workplace ups and downs, the 2021 holiday season might have you considering a holiday party for your own company. Here are a few reasons why holiday parties are a good thing, and where to begin!

Benefits to Hosting a Holiday Party

According to an article from AMA Conference Centers, here are a few reasons in favor of hosting a holiday party!

  • You’ll Encourage a Sense of Community
    • Holiday parties are something that most of your employees look forward to. When you host a gathering around the holidays and end-of-year, you give them something to anticipate together as well as the opportunity to share memories at the event itself, which can in turn increase the sense of community throughout the office.
  • It’s a Great Time to Offer Recognition
    • Do you have employees who have gone above and beyond this year? Has a specific department accomplished more than you thought possible? Your holiday party is a great time to offer recognition to those individuals, which can in turn significantly increase the effort that they and others put out during the coming year. Your holiday party is also an excellent time to hand out awards or note any special promotions before the new year.
  • You’ll Increase Employee Morale
    • The end of the year is rough in many offices. You have deadlines that have to be met, coworkers who are taking off extra time for the holidays, and plenty of added stress on many of your employees’ shoulders. With your holiday party, you’ll get a great chance to boost morale, improve mood, and give everyone something to look forward to.
  • You Get to Show Off Your Office
    • Are you bringing in someone besides your employees for your holiday bash? From investors to spouses of employees, the holiday party is an amazing chance to show off the office and let everyone see exactly what your team is doing every day.”

Where to Begin Planning your Holiday Party –

Venue and Catering Recommendations

  • Appoint a head coordinator. If you have the luxury of an administrative assistant, utilize their gifts and have them help you do the footwork!
  • Set a budget, and then call around to different locations for rates and dates still available for the 2021 holiday season.
  • Determine menu and alcohol policy.
  • Set a tentative schedule.
    • Consider a game (like a white elephant gift exchange or secret Santa) or a reward’s ceremony.
  • Plan for decor and utilizing the space you have booked!
    • Photo booth areas, small games with a simple prize for participation, or a craft to take home are just a few ideas!
  • Send out invitations!
    • Consider inviting potential clients, future business partners, or employees and families.
  • Party Favors
    • Gifts! Swag! Whatever you call it, plan to send your guests home with a gift from your holiday party. It’s always best to invest in one great party favor, rather than several small items that will never be used.

The key to planning a memorable business holiday party that everyone will want to attend is really in the small details that encourage your guests to mingle and be reminded what makes the company or team so wonderful. You can create an experience that not only boosts company morale but also increases employee satisfaction and retention levels across the board.

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