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Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Sell

Does your home interior need a little tender love and care from the cold winter months?  Are you not even sure where to begin?  Well, we are here to help you efficiently execute your spring cleaning while you are stuck inside from the cold temperatures!  Here are 30 places to hit in your house that don’t usually get touched in day to day cleaning. It’s not as overwhelming if you look at it like this- print this list and tackle one task every day for the next month. There are some big jobs and little jobs. Therefore, it’s perfect for a month’s vision! Save the outdoor tasks for a warmer sunny day. Happy cleaning!


  1. Wipe down all shutters and blinds

  2. Wipe down all ceiling fans; blades and fixtures

  3. Dust all light fixtures

  4. Dust all light switches and door handles

  5. Wipe down all walls

  6. Deep clean washing machine and dispenser; top loading or front loading

  7. Dishwasher seal and dispenser

  8. Shower and window curtains in the washing machine

  9. Wipe all base boards

  10. Wash bed pillows

  11. Flip and rotate mattresses

  12. Dust air vents and check filters

  13. Move beds, dressers, couches, chairs, tables, bookshelves, etc. and vacuum under

  14. Dust closet shelves and floors

  15. Dust garage shelves and floors

  16. Wipe down refrigerator shelves and door seal

  17. Empty and wipe down kitchen drawers and cabinets

  18. Range hood and vents

  19. Wipe microwave inside, out, under, and top

  20. Pantry shelves, floor, and door

  21. Wipe kitchen trash cans inside and out

  22. Wipe the front of your kitchen cabinet doors

  23. Soak stove grates and burner caps

  24. Oven inside and out

  25. Bleach kitchen sink and faucet

  26. Shower head and the top rim of the shower

  27. Wipe dining room chairs top to bottom!

  28. Mop under area rugs and mats

  29. Shampoo carpets

  30. Vacuum couch cushions and pillows


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