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Winter Home Energy Saving Tips

It really is an amazing thing to have a warm, cozy home to welcome you and yours over the holidays and throughout Greater Lafayette, IN winter months. We take pride in our job of helping you find your match-made-in-Heaven of a home, and we never want to take that essential part of our life for granted! Our job’s not complete at the closing, though. We want to help you get the best out of your home in every way! Since there are so many aspects to maintaining a home, we’re right here to help keep you focused through the seasons on what you need. Plus, there are many 2020 circumstances that have us in our homes for long periods of time. So, why not enjoy and use it to the fullest? Here are some tips and tricks to help you conserve energy through the up and coming winter months.

We found some of these tips from the informational website of and from an article by Check them both out for more ideas to save!

Winter Energy Savers

  • Close interior doors and vents to unused rooms and eliminate drafts from exterior doors and windows. Here are some helpful tips from an article from
    • “External Doors
      • Doors are a major trouble spot for drafts. If you have a drafty door, check the weather stripping and seals around the door frame. Replace any damaged or missing weather stripping and apply new caulk to any broken seals.
    • Windows
      • Windows, especially in older homes, are a major source of drafts and heat loss. Insulate your windows in winter by sealing the frame with clear plastic cling wrap. Window film is cheap, easy to apply, easy to remove in spring, and can be found at any home improvement store or online. It will only cost a few bucks to insulate every window in your home, but the savings on your heating bill will be big.
    • Attic and Basement
      • Check your attic and basement thoroughly when searching for air leaks, as these floors hide the worst air leaks. Use foam or caulk to seal the small cracks. For larger holes, you may need to install or replace insulation.
    • Unexpected Heat Leaks
      • Doors and windows are obvious sources of drafts, but there a few more you may not think of. Cold air can leak into your house through electrical outlets, light fixtures, AC units, and gaps in your insulation.
    • A lit fireplace is a great way to warm up in winter, but it can allow cold air in when not in use. Keep your damper closed whenever you aren’t using your fireplace. If you never use your fireplace, plug and seal the chimney flue.”
  • Use your ceiling fans. That’s right. Ceiling fans in the summer keep us cool while they rotate clockwise and shift the air down, circulating the air. In winter, however, you can turn the fans to circulate counter clockwise, and it moves warm air downward, keep you actually warmer through the winter months.
  • Lower the temperature on the thermostat in your home. This might seem unruly, but it really does help. Maybe add some socks and a sherpa to your daily home attire to compensate for the degree adjustment.
    • Smart thermostats can help here too. They automatically adjust your home the most efficient heat/cooling setting, and they connect with your phone too!
    • On the same note, turn the temperature down even more when you sleep or leave the house. This minor adjustment can result in significant long term savings.
  • Use natural heat sources to your advantage. For example, be sure to open the curtains on a sunny day, and allow the sun to warm your home. Then close them at night to trap the heat inside. Another little tidbit, open your oven just a pinch to let hot air out after you’re finished baking.
  • Maintain your heating system. Click here for a more comprehensive list of what to do here! The same goes for your water heater. Water heaters have a “warm setting” to keep the overall heating cost low. Click here to learn more about that!

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