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Indiana Real Estate License Guide

Are you considering a real estate career?  Did you know that according to Forbes the No. 1 Happiest Job is that of a:  REAL ESTATE AGENT!

We are guessing that you opened this page because you are either a newly licensed real estate agent, have a strong desire to get your Indiana real estate license, or are looking to make a change.  Having a career in real estate can be both exciting and scary and it can be very rewarding with the potential of high earnings, freedom with time, helping others achieve their goals of home ownership and an intellectual challenge that can bring satisfaction.  Here are some characteristics and or disciplines we feel one needs to succeed in real estate:

  • An individual who is goal-oriented, persevering, highly sociable, self-motivated and loves helping people
  • They have a strong sense of urgency and attention to detail
  • They demonstrate a commitment to learning and strive for growth through training, coaching and accountability
  • They understand their income will be in direct proportion to the amount of effort they put in

Step 1:  Obtaining an Indiana Real Estate License:

If you are considering a career in real estate then obtaining a real estate license is your next step.  You must be able to meet the following requirements to obtain a real estate license in Indiana:

  • be at least 18 years old (high-school graduate or hold an equivalency diploma)
  • have no conviction for a crime having a direct bearing on your ability to practice competently
  • Complete a 90 hour pre-license broker class online or take an in person class.  The course includes 3 tests.  You must have a cumulative score of 225 points or more to receive your completion certificate.
  • Once you pass the course, you will take an in-person, Indiana state pre-licensing exam through the state testing facility – Pearson Vue (
  • Upon passing the state exam you need to decide on the Real Estate Company or Real Estate Team to affiliate with and apply for your real estate broker license with the Indiana Real Estate Commission.

Real estate schools offering the Pre-Licensing Broker course:

Here are some suggestions of real estate schools approved to offer pre-licensing education (you can choose between in-person, online or a hybrid of class options).

Step 2:  Selecting a Company and/or Team to Affiliate with:

During your real estate course, you will learn about principles, Indiana real estate law, ethics, etc. Chances are, after you complete your class you will be thinking, “now what?”  There is much more to learn after your class in regards to practicing real estate, completing contracts and how to run a real estate business?  That is where Keller Williams Realty comes in.  At Keller Williams Realty, we recognize that the agents are the reason we do business. Keller Williams Realty changed the real estate industry forever when it introduced its Interdependent, Agent-Centric business model.  At the core of Keller Williams Realty is a conviction that who you are in business with matters. We believe that the company we keep can contribute to our lives in untold ways. We believe that KW has the best training and business models in the industry. 

Immediately when you start your career in real estate with Keller Williams, you will begin a training program which is designed to kick start your real estate career and get you into production as quickly as possible. You’ll learn lead generation techniques, scripts and dialogues, role playing, forms and contracts training and shadowing experienced Realtor’s, all with the goal of teaching you the habits of a successful real estate agent.

KW combines the best agent training and education, cutting-edge technology, as well as the support of a brokerage that truly cares about your success.  Keller Williams is the place to build your real estate career and we can help you reach your goals.  Want to be a part of a team within Keller Williams Realty?  If so, you owe it to yourself to learn about the career opportunities with The Romanski Group!

Would you like to be a part of The Romanski Group?

Are you looking to be with a top team poised for exponential growth?  Are you learning based, driven, motivated, talented and want to work in a team environment?   The Romanski Group’s objective for our team is to go above and beyond for our clients AND to personally make a commitment to helping each team member reach his or her goals individually and as a team to fulfill our goals together!  Having the right people around you in this profession is key!

The Romanski Group consistently sells around 100 homes per year and service is our ongoing priority to ensure our customers continue to refer us year after year.  We are always interviewing for all positions to add to our growing team.  And we know who you are now is not always who you will be or become so we believe in growth opportunities.  Start in one position and grow with us.

We are currently looking for outstanding sales people to join us!  When we hire, we look for talent, drive, intelligence, sophistication, outstanding communication skills, and an obsession with customer service. We have a unique culture that is a nice mix of fun, silly, and business.  We genuinely like each other. In order to be considered you must have big goals, be willing to work hard and “stick it out”, want to be a part of a team and not an individual on a team, be action oriented “Don’t talk about it, Be about it” and always be willing to learn.  We don’t look for real estate experience. We can train that. That’s our job. Your job is to be your awesome self and show up every day with a great attitude and a desire to build a big life.

We specialize in training and developing talented individuals into incredible real estate agents. We have all of the tools, training, coaching, accountability, and experience to do that. Email or PM us, or call and we can talk about on target earnings, what the licensing process looks like, and if we both think this is a fit for you.

What The Romanski Group has to offer:

  • 30/60/90 Day Plan
  • Leads (unlimited)
  • Initial Agent Ramp Up Training (8-week ramp up; one on one training – all local)
  • Mentor Program
  • Dedicated lead generation team
  • Admin support (listing and closing coordinators; marketing and client care team)
  • Weekly coaching / accountability / continuous ongoing training
  • Unlimited growth potential as we continue to expand
  • Profit share
  • Built in systems, processes, scripting
  • Business planning; annual team advance
  • Culture of caring, sharing and having fun
  • Flexibility and support system

Step 3:  Attending our next Real Estate Career Night:

If after reading everything above, the thought of having a career in real estate excites you, your next step is to attend our real estate career night or schedule a time to meet one on one with our leadership team by emailing Erin Romanski at